About Multilevel Basketball


Multilevel Basketball is a consultation/training program for ALL LEVELS. This program provides basketball knowledge at a collegiate/professional level for ALL ages and skill LEVELS. We start as early as 2nd grade all the way to the professional level. We offer weekly or bi-weekly clinics before or after school and on the weekends.  Individual training slots are available daily. When an athlete trains or plays with Multilevel Basketball, not only will they be more skilled, but they will gain knowledge of certain subtle nuances in the game that isn’t taught everywhere. We are committed to making each player in this program understand the importance of hard work, being a good teammate, having good listening skills, and effectively applying what they are taught. By the end of each training session, clinic or game, our intention is that each athlete hit another LEVEL of improvement.


Multilevel Basketball provides each athlete with the necessary tools to make them successful at the next level, in basketball and in life. No matter the age of our athletes, our overall goal remains constant: to help each player maximize their full potential. We want to see the younger athletes that we train perform well for their club teams. As they grow and develop, our expectations do as well.  By the time they are ready for high school, we expect to have each athlete we work with have a great chance to solidify a spot on their high school teams, whether it be the freshman, junior varsity or varsity basketball teams.


In addition to improving your son or daughter’s technical basketball skill set, Multilevel Basketball will be developing and enriching the mental aspects of the game as well. In our experience, a majority of coaches and trainers agree that basketball performance at a high level is mostly mental, not physical.  The problem is a majority of coaches, trainers and athletes spend almost of their time working exclusively the physical and technical aspects of basketball. At Multilevel Basketball, we will stress the importance of having the right mindset and work ethic to take your game to the next LEVEL. As part of our multiple disciplinary approach to the game, we offer optional professional performance consultation once a month for whomever is interested in learning more about the mental side of basketball and sports in general. 


At Multilevel Basketball, once you join our program, you become a part of our family! We are solely focused on the improvement of our athletes and seeing them do great with whichever team they play for or school they decide to attend. Multilevel Basketball will have teams within our program and will offer these opportunities to dedicated groups of 7-10 players. However, our main focus will be private and semi-private training, clinics and overall self-improvement. 


We believe that the specific training, clinics and instruction offered by Multilevel Basketball will prepare each individual not just for basketball but for whatever path they choose in life. These practices consist of: stressing the importance of being on time and ready to work; being respectful to yourself, your teammates, coaches and peers; respecting your opponent, but never fearing them; and finally, focusing on what is within our exclusive control as individuals—BODY LANGUAGE, EFFORT, ATTITUDE, SACRIFICE, TOUGHNESS. This B.E.A.S.T. mentality and LEVEL UP mindset is our main focus for all athletes at Multilevel Basketball. Winning and losing will always be a vital part to the game of basketball and life.  However, at Multilevel Basketball we do not measure the success of our program, or players, through wins and losses, but through daily effort and improvement. Consistent with our over-arching goal for each player, we want our athletes to reach their full potential, not only in basketball, but in life as well. Come join our family and LEVEL UP!